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Umatter For Schools

Umatter for Schools Suicide Prevention is a two-day training program that provides school teams, which include an administrative liaison, teachers, administrators, counselors, nurses and other staff, with the knowledge and skills to develop a comprehensive, asset-based approach to suicide prevention at their school. Teams are encouraged to bring a mental health professional from the community that they work with.

This training program has been designated a Best Practices program by the SPRC/AFSP Best Practices Registry. Emphasis is on developing a school-wide strategy to create a “prevention-prepared community” that builds critical connections between schools, families, and regional support services.

The program includes:
• cultural factors that contribute to creating a help seeking culture
• gatekeeper training to recognize risk factors and warning signs for youth in distress, know what to say and do, and connect a youth to resources
• school suicide prevention protocol review and development for prevention, intervention and postvention, including roles and responsibilities in responding to suicidal behavior • use of the Lifelines student curriculum (published by Hazleden Publishers- Click here to view)
• action planning to implement suicide prevention strategies in the school community