Bullying and Harassment Prevention

Addressing Harassment Online Toolkit

This toolkit provides a variety of resources for understanding the definitions and requirements of Vermont’s School Harassment Law: Act 91 of 2004. It offers tools for implementing the law effectively and for meeting legal mandates. These resources are designed for use by school administrators in staff development, parent education and student learning, but it is important to remember that they are intended to supplement school training in these issues, not replace it.

Many of these resources and tools can be used in settings beyond Vermont. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a list of Other Resources, including a link to the web site Safe Passage Media and a chance to order the DVDs Ryan’s Story: Bullying and Suicide Prevention and What You May Not Know: Internet Safety and Suicide Awareness.

The Center for Health and Learning strongly believes that addressing harassment and bullying should be accomplished by attending to the overall school climate through multiple strategies. CHL offers trainings in: Bullying and Harassment: A Brief Overview and Vermont’s School Harassment Law: Understanding the Definitions and Requirements of Act 91 and other trainings as well as technical assistance related to overall school climate.

Follow this link to see Vermont’s State Law concerning bullying and harassment in public schools. For more resources on Vermont Department of Education’s guidelines for creating safe schools, please visit their website.

Posters available from ToucanEd.

Bullying and Harassment poster

General Resources and Tools

VT Department of Education Model Harassment Policy & Procedures

ACT 91 of 2004: Vermont’s Harassment Law

Vermont Fair Housing and Public Accommodations Act

Online Statute

Independent Reviewer Information

ACT 117 of 2004 re: Bullying

Other Resources

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