The Center for Health and Learning (CHL) provides support and research for the Vermont Department of Health’s HIV/AIDS, STDs, and Hepatitis C Program. (VDH, HASH Program)

As part of the statewide services provided by the Vermont Department of Health, the department convenes a Community Advisory Group (CAG) of consumers and providers of prevention and care services for HIV/AIDS from around the state.

CHL plays two distinct roles in supporting this important body that provides direct feedback to the VDH about Vermont’s HIV/AIDS programming and services:

  1. Administrative support to all meetings each year, including all pre-meeting logistics and onsite duties.
  2. Research, synthesis and technical writing services related to statewide community needs.

With assistance and oversight from the CAG, the VDH submits comprehensive planning documents to the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Centers for Disease Control on a rolling basis. CHL assists with the research, compilation and writing of these documents.

As part of this process and pursuant to a commitment to regularly assess community need, CHL conducted a Statewide Needs Assessment on HIV/AIDS prevention and care during 2014 and 2015.STATE OF VERMONT HIV/AIDS SUPPORT MATERIALS     The following pertain to current state initiatives, including documents for the Vermont HIV/AIDS Community Advisory Group and supporting material for the 2016 RFP for HIV Community Services: (Click titles to download PDFs)

  1. RFP – HIV Community Services
  2. National HIV AIDS Strategy – 2020
  3. VDH HASH Department 2015 Annual Report
  4. Vermont Needs Assessment 2014/2015


Section II: CARE [Draft]

Section III: PREVENTION [Draft]

Section IV: IDU [Draft]


Applicants may submit questions in writing up until Monday, July 25, to  Written answers will be available Monday, August 1.

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