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Training Materials

Vermont Department of Health – Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (ADAP) Trainings

July 8, 2019 – Addressing Substance Use in Rural Areas – A Joint Training for Regional Prevention Partnerships and Tobacco Control Program Community Grantees

Addressing Substance Use in Rural Areas Training – Vermont

Addressing Substance Use in Rural Areas Agenda – July 8, 2019

Spaghetti Tower of Prevention Activity

table topics final

Table 1 Topics Summary RPP July 8

Table 2 Topics Summary RPP July 8

Table 3 Topics Summary RPP July 8

Table 4 Topics Summary RPP July 8

Table 5 Topics Summary RPP July 8

Table 6 Topics Summary RPP July 8

Table Topics Highlights RPP July 8

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June 20, 2019 – Effective Use of Motivational Interviewing to Engage and Help People Who Use Stimulants and Marijuana

Note: Thanks go out to several others who helped develop these slides – especially the stimulant & cannabis information – many slides found online across a variety of sources including SAMHSA, NIDA, LinkedIn, and many others.

Win C. Turner, PhD., LADC

Presentation – Effective Use of Motivational Interviewing to Help People Using Cannabis & Stimulants

Motivational Interviewing Basics


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April 29, 2019 – RPP Training:  Evaluation 201


Evaluation Plan Definitions

Sample Federal Grant Evaluation Requirements

RPP Evaluation Plan Stakeholder Communication:  Who Needs to Know What?

Bennington County Prevention Report

Evaluation Plan Templates:

CADCA Supplied Evaluation Plan Template

Evaluation Plan Example Template

RBA Style Evaluation Plan Example

RBA Style Evaluation Plan Template

Evaluation Plan Example


CADCA Evaluation Primer

CDC – Evaluation Workbook – Developing an Effective Evaluation Plan 

W.K. Kellogg Foundation – Step-by-Step Guide to Evaluation

Resources for Selecting an Evaluator:

Five Steps for Selecting an Evaluator:  A Guide for Out-of-School Time Practitioners

Evaluation Contracts Checklist

A Fundamental Choice:  Internal or External Evaluation?

Hiring an Evaluation Consultant

Hiring and Working With an Evaluator

Website Resources:

Capacity Building Evaluation:

PIRE RPP Evaluation:

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March 11, 2019 – RPP Training – Engaging Youth in Prevention


Presentation – Overview of Day

Gallery Walk Summary

Addison County Presentation

Barre Presentation

Bennington Presentation

Chittenden Presentation

Lamoille Presentation

Newport Presentation

Springfield Presentation

St. Johnsbury OVX Presentation

St. Johnsbury Getting to Y Presentation

Windham Presentation

Danville Town Field Ordinance Proposal


Handout – Next Steps for Action

The Developmental Relationships Framework

Community FIRST – Vermont’s Statewide Youth and Adult Mental Health First Aid Network

Zero Suicide Brochure – Vermont Suicide Prevention Center

Creating & Sustaining a Thriving Youth Advisory Council – Adolescent Health Initiative

AWARE VERMONT – Statewide Local YMHFA Coordinator Contact List by Designated Mental Health Agency

Youth Leadership Toolkit – NRCYD

Youth Organizing:  A Model for Change

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January 7, 2019 – RPP Training:  Youth Marijuana Use Prevention:  A Working Session


Hilary Fannin Presentation – Framing Substance Use Messaging

Dean Whitlock Presentation – Marijuana and Brain, Mind, Psyche – Highlights of the Latest Data

Melanie Sheehan Presentation – Prevention and Policy Work – Opportunities for Stakeholder Engagement

Chapter IV – Town Parks

Chapter VIII – Commerce

Final Communication Brief – 2017 Vermont Local Opinion Leaders Survey:  Summary of Findings

Results from the 2017 Vermont Local Opinion Leaders Survey – Final Report January 2018

Health Chapter Template Final

January 7th 2019 RPP Handout

Marijuana Survey Results

Risk & Protective Factors Participants Handout

Risk and Protective Factors Grid for Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Disorders

Tax and Reg PP Presentation – VLCT Town Fair – 10/24/18

Marijuana Use among Young Adult Vermont Residents Ages 18 to 25:  Findings from the 2018 Vermont Young Adult Survey (YAS) and the 2016/17 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)


November 19, 2018 – RPP Training:  “Next Steps for Adverse Childhood Experiences and Prevention”

Prerequisite – Participation in pre-training webinar.  Webinar materials can be accessed here:

PowerPoint Slides – A Critical Look at Intergenerational Trauma and Substance Misuse – Implications for Prevention
Karina Forrest-Perkins, Trauma Research Expert, CAPT Associate and Gisela Rots, CAPT Coordinator, Northeast Resource Team

Click here for Webinar Recording
(Requires Adobe Connect)

Materials from Training:


Putting It All Together

Substance Misuse Prevention Through a Trauma-Informed Lens

Protective Factors Adolescence Through Young Adulthood

Resilience Infused Community Substance Misuse Prevention Efforts

Building Flourishing Communities

Franklin Grand Isles Pgs 21-25

How to Engage with Someone

The Impact of Early Adversity on Children’s Development

LMV Sustainability Plan Pgs 28-31

A sample trauma-informed job description –

Article from the AJPH on reducing the transmission of child maltreatment in Iowa

From the Prevention Institute – Adverse Community Experiences:

Work being done in West Virginia to replicate Iceland’s substance misuse prevention efforts:

The Institute of Medicine book on Prevention mental, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Young People(free download):

University of Washington’s data resources:

Administration for Children + Families data reports –

Blog on youth homelessness:

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 October 18, 2018 – 7th Annual College Symposium

Keynote Presentation – Addressing Marijuana Use on College Campuses in a Changing Legal Climate
Jason Kilmer, Ph.D.

Substance Use Among Full Time College Students in Vermont – Findings from the 2018 Vermont Young Adult Survey
Bob Flewelling and Amy Livingston

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October 10, 2018 – “Alcohol and Other Drug Use Prevention:  Collaborative Strategies with Law Enforcement”


PowerPoint Presentation – Overview by Beth Shrader

PowerPoint Presentation – Review and Update Current Strategies Supported by Regional Prevention Partnership Grant
Presenter:  Detective Sergeant James R. Roy, Colchester Police Department

PowerPoint Presentation – Overview of Vermont Department of Liquor and Lottery, Division of Liquor Control Education, Compliance and Enforcement 
Presenter: Chief Skyler W Genest, Director, Office of Compliance and Enforcement, and Jennifer Fisher, Education Specialist, Vermont Department of Liquor & Lottery

Link to Evaluation Survey



June 13, 2018 – “Continuing the Discussion of ACT 86 and Its Impact on Prevention Policy”

PowerPoint Presentation

Act 86 – Eliminating Penalties for Possession of Limited Amounts of Marijuana by Adults 21 or Older

Act 86 As Passed

Sample Lease Agreement

April 25, 2018 – “Policy Development:  Engaging Local Decision Makers on Prevention Issues”

PowerPoint Presentation – The Power of Policy

VT Digger Commentary – G. Burley

LYBS Planning Tool

Lyndon Youth Baseball Policy

Policy Planning Steps

The New Marijuana Law – Steven Waldo

Alcohol Sales Staff Resource

2017 Vermont Local Opinion Leaders Survey:  Summary of Findings

2017 Vermont Local Opinion Leaders Survey – Presentation

Village of Lyndonville, Ordinance Proposal 2018 – Smoke-Free Public Event

H 511 –  As Passed – Eliminating Penalties for Possession of Limited Amounts of Marijuana by Adults 21 or Over

Morrisville Sign

January 10, 2018 – “Sustainability:  Embedding Prevention Strategies in VT Communities

Power Point Presentation

Select Funding Strategies

Table Topic Summaries

ACH and Community Benefit:

Community Benefit NPN

Handout – Hospital 990s

Improving Community Health Through Hospital Community Benefit Spending

Healthcare Reform…promise for Prevention

Online Resources Handout

Researching a Hospital’s Community Benefit Spending Using the IRS 990

Continuation Grantee Session:

Template Outcome Chart

Template Sustainability Part 1 and 2

Handout – SPF Sustainability Checklist

Data with Amy Livingston:

PowerPoint Presentation

10 Steps to Creating an Infographic

Checklist for Reviewing Infographics

Data Interpretation Worksheet

Data Visualization Planning Tool

New Grantee Session:

Case Statement Template

Handout – Sample Sustainability Case Statement

Success Story

RBA and Collective Impact – Hillary Orsini

Can RBA and Collective Impact Play Together

Handout – BBVT Definitions

Handout Performance Measure Types


Vermont Department of Health – Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

2018 ADAP Foundations Trainings

“Building a Framework for Effective Adolescent Treatment”

Day Two – March 12, 2018 –

Steven M. Chisholm, MA


PowerPoint Presentation

Therapy Session Coding Sheet

Day One – January 5, 2018 – 

Steven M. Chisholm, MA

PowerPoint Presentation

Agenda and Training Packet


Vermont Department of Health – Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

2017 College Symposium – Presentations

Keynote Presentation:  The Story of Collegiate Substance Abuse:  Where Prevention Meets Response

Erin McClintock, MEd, Director of Prevention Education, EVERFI

Presentation:  Creating a Campus Commitment to Substance Abuse: Prevention and Assisting Students in Distress

Mark A. Levine, MD, Commissioner, Vermont Department of Health

Panel Presentations:

University of Vermont Care Team – Joe Russell, UVM

Shifting the Culture:  How College Campuses Can Make a Difference – Amy Boyd Austin, UVM


Vermont Department of Health – 2017 Regional Prevention Partnerships (RPP) Trainings

November 13, 2017 – Exploring Cultural Competency for Engaging Military Families and Low Socioeconomic Status Vermonters

Morning Session:  Cultural Competency in Engaging Vermont Military Families

Brian Stoudnor, Lead Child and Youth Program Coordinator, Vermont National Guard

Presentation SlidesMilitary Connected Youth & Families In Vermont


Advocating for Military Children – A Resource Guide for Educators and Community Partners

Slide 8:  Commonalities

Resources to Assist in Working with Military Families

Vermont Family Assistance Center Coordinators

Vermont Veteran Outreach Team Map

Afternoon session:  Poverty and Prevention in an Unequal Economy: Cultural Competency in Engaging VT Families of Low SES Status

Kendra Colburn, Shela Linton, Angela Berkfield, Equity Solutions

Presentation Slides: Poverty and Prevention in an Unequal Economy with Regional Prevention Partners – Equity Solutions


Statistics and Resources – U.S. Statistics on Poverty and Economic Inequality (2015)

SAMHSA Fact Sheet:  Historical Trauma

Critical Thinking: To be read along with SAMHSA’s Fact Sheet on Historical Trauma

Critical Thinking: How Economic Inequality Harms Societies

Video on Wealth Inequality

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April 5, 2017 – Team Building & Messaging

Resource List:
1.  Tips & Tools : The Art of Experiential Group Facilitation by Jennifer Stanchfield, Wood N Barnes Publishing and Distribution. Available at

2.  CADCA Strategizer 55 (p.21)

3.  NIH e-source / Social & Behavioral Theories with exercises

1. Summary of Team Building Activities from April 5, 2017

2.  Final PowerPoint presentation for Message Strategy for Community Education and Engagement workshop

3.  Worksheet from Message Workshop

4.  Document on Group Decision Making comparing Consensus versus Voting

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March 13, 2017 – Policy Development:  Working with Planners and the Public

Resource List:
Vermont Planning Information Center:
The Vermont Planning Information Center is a clearing house of information for planning commissions, zoning boards, developmental review boards and their staff and all others involved in land planning and regulation in Vermont.

1.  Municipal Planning Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide a guide for municipal planning commissions in fulfilling their role and responsibilities as set forth in 24 V.S.A. Chapter 117, the Municipal and Regional Planning and Development Act. The Planning Manual provides information that will help the planning commission with this complex task, from designing the planning program to adopting the plan.


2.  Vermont Healthy Community Design Resource – Examples for Creating Healthy Communities: Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Tobacco, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention – Draft Version only


3.  Vermont League of Cities and Towns: Vermont Municipal Regulation of Alcohol and Tobacco and Alcohol and Tobacco Advertising


4.  Vermont Healthy Community Design Resource: Active Living & Healthy Eating Toolkit


5.  A Guide to Measuring Advocacy and Policy from the Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation commissioned this guide to help determine meaningful ways to
measure and evaluate the impact of its advocacy and public policy grant making. Although a
primary intent of this guide is to contribute practical guidance to the Annie E. Casey
Foundation regarding evaluation of the foundation’s investments, this guide also serves as a
broad call to grant makers to build and advance the field of evaluation in this area.


6.  Community Leaders Toolkit – Educating Community Leaders from the Center for Public Health and Tobacco Policy

Materials designed to support Community Coalitions plan and prepare for meetings with community leaders.

Community Leader Toolkit

7.  Community Readiness for Community Change

Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research Community Readiness Handbook


8.  A Primer on Planning for Prevention 


Sample Policies from Around Vermont:

1.  Town of Parker Marijuana Ordinance


2.  Town of Norwich Alcohol Ordinance


3.  Weathersfield Selectboard Drug and Tobacco Paraphernalia

Drug Paraphernalia Amendment Text with signatures 021616

4.  Towns of Middlebury and Wallingford Alcoholic Beverage Restrictions

Middlebury and Wallingford

5.  Town of St. Albans Liquor Control


Vermont Department of Health – 2016 Partnership for Success (PFS) Trainings:

December 7, 2016 – Planning for Sustainability to Maintain Regional Prevention Partnership Strategies

PowerPoint Slides
VT Sustainability Training PPT

Participant Workbook
2016-12-7 VT Sustainability Training Workbook v.1

Handout – SPF Sustainability Checklist v.3

Handout – Sample Sustainability Case Statement from IL

May 24, 2016 – Webinar – Family Engagement Frameworks and Strategies as Applied to Local Prevention Efforts

Click here for Webinar Slides

Click here for Webinar Recording


Family Engagement Strategies

Partners in Education – A Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships

Redefining Family Engagement for Student Success – Harvard Family Research Project


E-newsletter Sample – Flipsnack

Pinterest Board – Black River Middle School

March 3, 2016 – “Policy as a Strategy for Environmental Change”
Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, Vermont

Workshop Presentation Slides

Other Materials:

Addressing Challenges to Community Level Policy Strategy – Activity Results

Advancing Prevention Policy Work in Communities – Mt. Ascutney Prevention Partnership

Drug Paraphernalia Amendment Text – Weathersfield Select Board – February 16, 2016

Education for Cities and Towns on Substance Abuse Prevention – Central Vermont New Directions Coalition

Curtis Pond Island Ordinance – Town of Calais, Vermont

A Primer on Planning for Prevention – Morrisville District Office, Partnership for Success Initiative, April 2015

Slides – A Primer on Planning for Prevention – A Tool to Help Link Alcohol Prevention with Land Use Planning, Vermont Department of Health, Morrisville District Office

Community Readiness Tools:

2011 Community Resources and Readiness Survey – Instructions for Community Grantee Coordinators

Community Leaders Toolkit – Center for Public Health and Tobacco Policy

Vermont Community Resources and Readiness Survey

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