Umatter Suicide Prevention Awareness and Skills Training

90-minute Live Virtual Session

Umatter Awareness and Skills Training aims to enhance knowledge, comfort, and skills to identify those at risk for suicide in your organization or community and resources to get help.

Participants learn basic knowledge and skills of suicide prevention including societal myths and attitudes, use of sensitive language, risk factors and warning signs, protective factors, considerations for populations at risk, examples of what to say and do, and local and national resources for help. Participants use behavioral practice techniques to apply a three-step process for talking with someone who presents suicide risk. The training includes a discussion of best practices for suicide prevention in your organization or community setting.


  • Know the basic information about suicide
  • Identify protective factors, risk factors, and warning signs
  • Learn the 3-step intervention process and practice it
  • Increase confidence and competence to respond
  • Understand your role in suicide prevention either in your school, organization, or community

This training addresses many state statutes related to suicide prevention including staff development for implementing Vermont’s Suicide Prevention Law- Act 114.  “An act relating to teaching about the signs of and responses to depression and risk of suicide in public schools. (2005-2006)”