Umatter for Communities

When a suicide occurs it affects an entire community. This program educates the professionals that work within our communities to be effective in suicide prevention efforts. With the goal of strengthening the mental health and wellness of our communities and averting crisis, these trainings are designed for community professionals who work in the areas of law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency care, social services, mental health, faith services, health care, youth services, counseling, and funeral services. Involving professional groups in suicide prevention efforts creates “prevention- prepared” communities, ready to prevent suicide and/or respond should such a tragedy happen.

In this two-day training, professionals learn to employ best-practice, profession-specific protocols for prevention and postvention to reduce incidence of suicide. Attendees will learn:

  • how to respond to suicidality by identifying signs and symptoms of suicide, risk and protective factors, profession-specific roles, responsibilities, and protocols
  • when and how to refer an individual for more help
  • profession-specific prevention and postvention protocols for local adaptation.

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