Umatter for Schools


This newly designed two part training consists of a webinar and full day training.  Umatter for Schools Suicide Prevention national best practice program for suicide prevention developed by the Center for Health and Learning.  These trainings are created for Vermont middle and high schools to meet the requirements of Vermont state law.

Schools are encouraged to send teams consisting of an administrator, guidance counselor, nurse, health educator, and/or mental health provider.  Schools who have sent teams in the past are encouraged to send newly hired or assigned staff to support mental health and suicide prevention strategies in the school.

At the end of this training, participants will be prepared to:
• Identify and help youth who show signs of suicide
• Provide parent and staff awareness sessions
• Develop prevention/postvention policies and protocols
• Implement the Lifelines evidence-based curriculum for students (published by Hazleden Publishers- Click here to view)

Program Components:

PART ONE:  Webinar:  Introduction to Gatekeeper Training with Updated Information

PART TWO:  Umatter for Schools Full Day Training

OPTIONAL ADD-On:  Consultation and Support to help you implement strategies of suicide prevention in your school.

If you would like to learn more about implementing the Umatter for Schools in your organization, please contact us at

To download a PDF which describes all of our Umatter Programs, click HERE

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