Umatter® Training of Trainers

When prepared, anyone can respond when someone needs help.

Join us and become equipped to facilitate a Umatter® Suicide Prevention Awareness training in your community or place of work.


Participation in one Umatter® Suicide Prevention Awareness training. Please see training options for “Umatter® Suicide Prevention Awareness and Skills” at Center for Health and Learning can also bring a Umatter® Suicide Prevention Awareness and Skills training to your workplace, organization, or community. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Karen at for more information.

About This Training

Umatter® TOT is a Blended Training, meaning it has an in-person component and and online component.

Participants engage in a full day of training to develop personal skills and confidence to bring Umatter® Suicide Prevention Awareness training to their community or workplace. You will learn to train others in basic knowledge and skills of suicide prevention, including:

  • Societal myths and Attitudes
  • Use of sensitive language
  • Risk factors and warning signs
  • Protective factors
  • Considerations for Populations at Risk
  • Examples of what to do or say
  • Resources to get help


  • Deepen understanding of risk factors and warning signs
  • Develop skills and competencies to facilitate conversations about suicide
  • Identify with confidence the next steps in getting help
  • Learn presenter engagement skills to facilitate a workshop
  • Develop confidence in sharing sensitive material with an audience
  • Learn the role of a facilitator and helper
  • Learn strategies for planning future training(s)

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