CHL is excited to announce the offering of a training on the new American Red Cross curriculum entitled Positive Prevention: HIV/STD Prevention Education for America’s Youth. Developed with input from hundreds of secondary teachers in urban, suburban and rural settings, Positive Prevention is a research-proven curriculum targeting four student populations: Middle School students, High School students, Independent or Home Study and Special Education students or Developmentally-Disabled Adults.  The Special populations edition features middle and high school lessons adapted for moderate and lower functioning special needs students.  The curriculum is composed of six teach and student-friendly lessons, pre and post tests, Family Home Assignments, masters for overhead transparencies and student activity cards, and a CD with STD pictures, parent and student materials.  The curriculum has been piloted in classrooms by trainers in Vermont.  It is extremely easy to implement and very well received by students.  It covers basic protective messages including abstinence and postponing sexual intercourse and abstinence from using drugs and not sharing injection drug equipment.

Topics include:

– Sterotypes and Mythis Regarding Persons with HIV/AIDS

– The HIV/AIDS Pandemic,Effects on the Human Body, Transmission Myths and Facts

– Sexually Transmitted Diseases

– Recognizing and Reducing Risks, Condom Success/Fairlure Rate

– Refuting Peer Pressure

– HIV Antibody and STD Testing, Community Resources.

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