This one-day training prepares participants to conduct puberty education using Puberty: The Wonder Years, the best puberty education curriculum we’ve seen.

Puberty: The Wonder Years is designed for the school setting, but it also includes activities that involve parents and other family members with their children.  It encourages children to talk with their parents about their spiritual beliefs and family values.  It develops the health skills children need to behave in a manner that is consistent with those beliefs and values:


*Limit setting


*Getting help


*Analyzing media messages

*Distinguishing between reliable and unreliable sources of information.

This comprehensive, easy-to-implement standards-based curriculum is designed in three tiers with six lessons per tier.  Each tier is designed to be a unit for students in one grade; thus there are lessons for three consecutive years.  However, because each community is unique, the lessons can be reorganized and taught as each school district chooses.

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