Umatter Suicide Prevention

Umatter was developed based upon a review of other suicide prevention programs to determine key concepts.

Research from the American Association of Suicidology and the academic literature regarding suicide were applied. Once program goals and objectives were developed, experiential learning activities were designed to reach all learning preferences and styles of participants to ensure the maximum transfer of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Umatter is a program of the Center for Health and Learning. CHL seeks to disseminate Umatter nationally and work with partners to continue to refine and develop the program. Please give us your feedback and contact us for more information.

Why Umatter?

Everyone has a place in the Big Picture. Everyone has a contribution to make, something important to do, and a purpose waiting to be fulfilled. We want to give people the message that feeling down or depressed is a common experience.

Reaching out for help is a healthy response and, when trauma hits, help is especially important. Asking for help does not mean that they are helpless or that they cannot do things on their own. It is an act of courage, not a sign of weakness. We want people to know that they can go to a trusted peer or adult for help and they will be able to respond or connect them to professionals who can help.

We want to offer hope by helping people connect to their family, their friends, their community, and helping professionals. We must learn to make these connections for each person individually by focusing more on their assets than on their liabilities, building on their strengths, and offering support.

To learn more about each of our Umatter Programs:

Umatter Gatekeeper Training

Umatter for Schools

Umatter for Youth and Young Adults

Umatter Training of Trainers

Umatter for Communities

To download a PDF which describes all of our Umatter Programs, click HERE

If you would like to learn more about implementing any of our Umatter programs in your organization or community, please contact us at

Vermont Suicide Prevention Center