Umatter for Youth and Young Adults (Umatter YYA) is a youth leadership and engagement initiative.  The goal is to promote mental health wellness:  healthy coping mechanisms among youth and young adults, and the ability to recognize when a peer needs help and how to provide it.  The aim is to foster healthy community cultures for youth and young adults that promote mental health and resiliency, and which address issues such as bullying and substance abuse prevention within a continuum for prevention through recovery.


Core content and skills of Umatter YYA includes mindset, assessing personal strengths, assets and risks, resiliency, stress, self-care, strength and risk-based coping skills and consequences, recognizing signs of distress in self and others/peers, knowing what to say and do, and help-seeking.

Elements of Umatter YYA:

  • Umatter YYA Statewide Kick-off Training Event
  • Umatter YYA One-Hour Virtual Meeting for Adult Facilitators
  • Umatter YYA Short Sessions – at the local level
  • Umatter YYA Mental Health Wellness Promotion Community Action Projects – implemented at the local level
  • Umatter YYA Culmination Event

School or community groups interested in participating in a Umatter YYA program, please contact