Umatter® 2018-19 YYA Program concludes

The Umatter® 2018-19 YYA Program is complete with 68 youth participants who implemented Mental Health Wellness Community Action Projects in their schools.

The Umatter® 2018-19 YYA Program is complete. Overall, 12 schools and 68 youth participated and implemented Mental Health Wellness Community Action Projects in their schools. These projects included: mental health awareness week activities, an interactive play about healthy dating relationships, anxiety management resource information campaign, a school wide wellness day, and more. For a full list of project descriptions, click here.

Umatter® 2018-19 YYA Program

To culminate the success of the program, six schools attended the Youth Summit event on May 30, 2019 at Vermont Technical College. The Umatter® Youth Leadership Council did an amazing job facilitating the day. Each group shared their Community Action Projects, reflected on their experience as a group, and planned next steps.

Evaluation data shows that participation in the Umatter® YYA program created a significant change in knowledge, skills, and behaviors including:

  • understanding individual strengths
  • knowing how to deal with stress in constructive ways
  • knowing how to ask for help when struggling or upset
  • working cooperatively with a group to complete a project
  • knowing how to identify when a friend needs help and how to get them help

Youth share about their leadership experience in the Umatter® YYA program and invite you to get involved in supporting mental health wellness and suicide prevention in this new video.

Here are what Umatter® 2018-19 YYA Program participants are saying about their experience:

Umatter® helped me gain self-confidence and make new friends

I like being a part of a group that is actively trying to improve the school and the life of students.”

“People should join Umatter if they want to make a difference in their communities. By normalizing the conversation on mental health, we help people feel less alone which ultimately brings people together.”

The 2019-2020 Umatter® YYA Program is scheduled to begin this Fall. If your school is interested in participating, please contact CHL at