Who We Are

CHL is a non-profit organization focused on improving school and community health. Our staff and consultants apply expertise in health and education to design training, develop resources, and carry out research and evaluation.

Our approach to health improvement is comprehensive, and considers the relationships between the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental dimensions of one’s life and of the community.

CHL is interested in advancing ecological approaches to address critical health issues along a continuum of care from prevention through recovery.

What We do


CHL works with you to custom design or tailor training. The focus is generally practice improvement based on needs assessment. Our trainings provide practical hands on learning, through interactive and experiential design. We work with you to create a training package that meets your specific needs, timeline and schedule. Please contact us at info@healthandlearning.org or by calling 802.254.6590 to talk to a Program Specialist. We believe in learning over time, through application, reflection and with follow-up. We design face to face, online, one on one consult and blended learning formats.


Learning Communities are composed of a group of people who establish a shared vision and who learn through cooperation, using one another as resources to improve something they do or to learn how to do it better. In a Learning Community people provide support to one another for the application of knowledge and skills in a timely way. Additionally, the use of common language, tools and technology may ensure consistency in approach and leverages resources. CHL can assist you in the development, activation, facilitation and evaluation of Learning Communities.


Many initiatives require the education and training of individuals to meet current and future needs. CHL works with you to assess, design, develop, organize and evaluate your workforce development initiatives. We offer Face to face training, Self-paced and instructor-led online courses that teach important content and evidence-based and best practice.

Policy, Evaluation, and Research

CHL conducts research, helps develop policy and carries out evaluation to improve health outcomes.

Research – CHL has conducted statewide review of school bullying and harassment policies, evidence-based approaches to clinical interventions for suicide prevention, and lethal means restriction.

Policy – We have helped in the development of state and local policies on HIV, School Nutrition, School Wellness, Bullying and Harassment, and Suicide Prevention.

Evaluation – We have carried out Evaluation of Safe Routes to School Programs, Bullying and Harassment programs, After-school programs, School – wide curriculum innovations, state level infrastructures, workforce development, and suicide prevention programs.

Resource Development

CHL develops educational and promotional products and services, statewide platforms, national guidelines, training materials, webcasts, online learning tools, and public information campaigns.

Who We Serve

CHL works with Schools, Community Coalitions and Organizations, National and State Organizations and Agencies

We serve:

• School, Community and State Leaders and Administrators

• Professionals – School Counselors, Nurses, Health Educators, Coaches, After-school Program Directors

• Mental Health, Social Services and Health Care professionals, Faith Leaders

• Parents and Coalitions